The system combines a unique 2-step technology to keep the pool water clean and safe.

First, an unseen amount of natural chlorine is created. This chlorine is produced from the special swimming pool salt (sodium chloride 99%) and is separated by the special titanium electrolysis cell that contains the device. The result is; soft, clear and safe bathing water, without suffering from dry skin and irritated eyes or skin.

As a second step, the E.K.O. (Electro Catalysis Oxidation) system applied. As a result, water molecules are split into strong oxidants, which attack organic material. This includes skin fats, sweat, algae etc. This E.K.O. The system is so effective that the amount of chlorine required is reduced by up to 60% compared to older salt water systems.

The combination of oxidants and natural chlorine results in the most responsible way to keep the pool clean and safe.