Step 1. Use tap water to fill the bath. If the tap water in your area is calcium-rich (you can measure this using the Test Strips) then you must apply Calc Free to prevent scale build-up, even if you have a water softener .

Step 2. Adjust the pH. First determine the pH level in the bath. You can do this on the basis of these 3 products: Test Strips, Test Kit or the electronic pH meter.

Next, if necessary, adjust the pH value with pH-UP or pH-DOWN until it is between 7.0 and 7.6.

Step 3. The correct chlorine content. Chlorine is necessary as a disinfectant against the bacteria and to kill algae. This content must be between 1 and 2 pmm. First determine the chlorine content. You can use the Test strips or the Test Kit for this. Then you treat the water and the water with Fast-acting Chlorine to make the water ready for use. You have to circulate the water for 1 hour, after 6 hours you can swim in it.

From the next day you use Long-acting Chlorine (put a chlorine tablet in a float) for 2 weeks to keep the chlorine level up.