Use tap water to fill the spa.

Regulating the pH is the first necessary step that you must take when using the spa. Afterwards you also have to check it regularly. The ideal pH for the spa is between 7.0 and 7.6.

A too low pH can be increased by using Ph-Up. Too low a pH usually occurs if you use acid rain or well water. Dosage: increase the pH by 0.2 units by applying 20 ml of pH Up per 1000 l.

You can lower a too high Ph by using pH-Down. Too high a pH is most common when you use tap-rich tap water. Dosage: reduce the pH by 0.2 units by administering 20 ml of Ph Down per 1000l.

TIP: circulate the water well for about an hour after application and measure the pH value again.

As a next step, add the chlorine (not when using the salt water system). Chlorine is necessary as a disinfectant against bacteria and algae.

The chlorine content must be between 1 and 2 ppm. When using the spa for the first time it is best to use Fast-acting Chlorine. This is a fine granulate that dissolves quickly. Then circulate the water for 1 hour and now measure the chlorine content in the water. You can use the spa after 6 am.

After this initial start-up treatment, it is best to check the chlorine content every week or every 2 weeks. To maintain the chlorine level you use small chlorine tablets that you and the chlorine float place. The large chlorine tablets release too much chlorine. So don't.

To make it easy for you, we have the Aqua Pur Start kit. This is a complete set with everything you need to use a newly filled spa.