Many users switch off the heating after use. This is wise if you are away for a week or more.

However, if you use the spa more than once a week, it is better to permanently set the heating to 30 ° C., even at night. For some people this sounds crazy, but it is more economical to do that. This way the Intex PureSpa stays at the right temperature and less energy is needed to bring the water back to the desired temperature before you use it.

An Intex PureSpa heats the water at around 1.5 to 2.5 ° C per hour. This means that he quickly needs a day to get up to temperature. If the spa is set to 30°C. and you wish to use it in the evening, you can use it for example. Set to the desired temperature in the afternoon instead of in the morning to reach the desired temperature.