The spa is no longer functioning and the control panel displays the E95 error message. The E95 error message indicates that the water temperature is too high.

Possible causes

The water temperature is too high. The device jumps to safety to prevent you from being burned by the water.

If the water temperature is not too high, the water temperature sensor may be defective. A common cause of this is the very intensive use of the spa, for example. in an ambient temperature below 5 ° C, which is not allowed according to the manual. Such intensive use can greatly shorten the life of the spa.


Step 1:

Switch off the heating.

Press the filter button.

Push or the jet button (only for models with jets)

Wait until the water temperature has dropped below 40 ° C.

Only for the SSP-20 model: when the water has dropped below 40 ° C.: press the "" reset "" button on the control panel.

Step 2:

Switch off the control box.

Remove the plug from the wall socket and let the water cool.

Consult the manual for details.

Error message E95 has not disappeared

Register the problem online at the Intex Service center: After receiving the registration, the service will propose a suitable solution.